Gold Alloys and Calculation of Carats

Gold alloys are crucial for anyone using gold for both accessories and investments. Understanding how gold is calculated is, therefore, a valuable skill. Gold, in its natural state, can reach purity levels of up to 99.99%, but when processed, it can be mixed with various elements, creating alloys with varying values. These values are important when dealing with gold jewellery, such as gold earrings, gold bracelets, and more.

The carat calculation is a pivotal element of the gold alloying process, making it essential when buying and selling gold. You might be wondering how to calculate gold when selling it. In this context, the carat calculation is indispensable. For example, how is a 22-carat bracelet calculated?

This is where carats come into play. The carat equivalent of 22-carat gold is determined to be 916, and different carat values apply to all types of gold alloys. The calculation of carats is based on evaluating gold purity on a scale of 1,000, with the carat determining the degree of purity for gold.

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